Oct 12

How To Handle Your Emotions in the Face of Tragedy


When we are confronted with tragedy, whether our own or others’, it can be difficult understanding how to move forward with our lives. Do we simply move on as if nothing has happened? Can we mourn without taking on the pain and anguish that we see around us?

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Pumpkin Walnut Bread with Oat Flour


This bread is incredibly moist, beautifully spiced and full of pumpkin flavor. Accented with warm spices like cinnamon, plus a touch of earthy nutmeg and clove, dreamy coconut oil, and vanilla too. It’s not too oaty. The walnuts give it a lovely crunch, and the maple glaze.. divine!

The oat flour is so easy to make, you just blend oats until they resemble a flour-like texture. They create a beautiful depth of flavor in the bread.


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Sep 20

Can exercise protect the brain from Alzheimer’s?


Currently, there is no cure available for the nearly 5.5 million people in the United States diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. But it turns out exercise might be an excellent way to slow the progression, and even prevent the degenerative brain disease.

According to a research analysis published by the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at the University of British Columbia, all studies suggest that regular exercise doesn’t just prevent Alzheimer’s from developing, but it also improves the performance of daily activities for those who do already have the disease.

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Sep 02

6 Great Reasons to Have a Cup of Tea



While many Americans tend to favor coffee

as their hot beverage of choice, tea is the second most

popular drink worldwide, preceded only by water.


Culturally engrained into the daily lives of people in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, tea has been widely consumed and revered for over 2,000 years. So what’s so special about this simple combination of boiled water and cured leaves?


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French Pear Tart




As the winter months begin to roll in, and the first snows are popping up, my mind dreams of sitting by the fire with a slice of apple or pear tart, and a cup of tea… Now pear aren’t what you’d think of as winter fruit, I know.  Like apples, though, late harvest varieties are around through December.  And they keep longer than most other fresh fruits, well into early to mid winter, giving you an alternative to apples to bake with.

I fell in love with this delicious and fairly easy pear tart.  It is loaded with butter and sweet preserves to warm the cold edges of winter. Take a look and try this recipe out.  I think you will love it as much as I do.



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Apr 27

An Attitude of Gratitude


Gratitude is good for your mental health. 

Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what a person receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude or thankfulness, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. In the process, they usually recognize that the source of that goodness lies at least partially outside themselves. As a result, being thankful also helps people connect to something larger than themselves— whether to other people, nature or a higher power.

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Edible Flower Ice Cubes


Beautify your beverages,

with these delightful ice cubes made with edible flowers. What could be more festive? Too pretty to eat? But you CAN use beautiful edible flowers for your ice cubes and drinks.

They are perfect for summer get-togethers. Whether it’s a ladies night in, bridal shower, or Mother’s Day tea, these floral cubes will keep your drinks cold and bump up your party host cred.

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Edible Flower Spring Rolls


Using Edible Flowers

in your party desserts, drinks, salads and even main dishes adds a unique element to your celebration. They add color, elegance, a bit of whimsy, and also have an interesting range of tastes.

Searchfor what is in season in your area – your local farmers’ market is a great source for finding out what is available and they’ll often have much more variety than the grocery store. Always ask vendors how their flowers are grown (you don’t want to eat flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides!). You can also order edible flowers (fresh or crystallized, which are great for using atop desserts) from several sites online (Gourmet Sweet Botanicals, Marx Foods, Food Innovations).

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Peach Almond Shortcake ~ with Coconut Whipped Cream (Paleo, GF)



Starting off the week with shortcake . . .

is always a good idea. Especially if they’re amazingly satisfying and healthy.

What’s not to love about this light summer dessert? It is a favorite of mine. I believe it was this seasonal dessert that got me liking peaches when I was a kid.

These flavorful shortcakes are SO simple, grain and gluten free, and taste even better than the shortcake I grew up with. They are moist and have the slightest sweetness to them…perfect for the dessert-ifying. Here, with the addition of sweetened peaches and coconut whipped cream, they are worthy of my top 2 desert spot!


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Dragon Fruit, Chia Seed Breakfast Parfait


I love chia pudding!

I prep it at night (it takes only 5 minutes!), and wake up to a delicious superfood breakfast cold and ready to eat. I’ve shared my dragon fruit version here, but I encourage you to get creative and experiment with your favorite fruit and superfoods.


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