Decoding Food Cravings


Food Cravings Are All Driven By A Lack of Specific Nutrients ~ So Which Foods Will Address Your Craving and Why?


Many people think of food cravings as a weakness, but dieting and calorie restriction cause food cravings, according to a study done by nutritionists at Boston’s Tufts University.  91% of participants in a calorie-restriction study experienced food cravings at the start. And even more had cravings six months after dieting.

Allowing yourself to have the foods you crave, but matching those cravings to healthy sources, may be one of the most important keys to successful weight control. Some of the most commonly craved foods are those with high sugar plus fat, such as chocolate, and salty snacks, such as chips and French fries.

Food cravings may be related to a ‘desire’ and not to a ‘need’, which indicates a psychological factor, that requires satisfying. However, for those individuals who have deficiencies in specific nutrients, the following chart summarizes the craving, the nutrient the body requires, and the food sources that effectively satisfy the food craving.









  1. Krystal R

    Great Info. I’ve been taking extra magnesium for a couple of months now and my chocolate cravings have totally disappeared. I can eat chocolate now, but I don’t have to have it.

  2. Susanne

    This is very helpful information. I am going to try it, and see if I have success. Thank you.

  3. Eszra

    Absolutely wonderful, useful information. Thank you.

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