Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 30

Benefits of Strength Training

  Fight muscle loss! Losing muscle not only reduces our strength, but it also slows down our metabolic rate, which leads to weight gain. Strength training is crucial forstaying fit and strong! Plus, strength training is an excellent way to increase bone mass and fight osteoporosis, an issue many women face as they age.

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Jan 15

Making sense of, the ever-changing landscape of health trends.

In this age, of constantly changing health trends, there is one thing desperately missing from our repertoires.  That terribly important skill is, listening to our bodies and connecting with our inner knowledge.  Our bodies are very intelligent.  

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Blueberry Banana & Coconut Pancakes (Flour + Gluten Free)


Blueberry Banana & Coconut Pancakes   I would never have believed that Flour Free Pancakes could be so delicious!  I would make these time and again, even if I wasn’t trying to avoid gluten!

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