4 Tips for Sowing Seeds of Love in Your Marriage


If you’re trying to get your marriage back on track,

here are some helpful tips.


Let go of resentment.

Resentment is the deadliest of weeds, in the garden of Love.  If you wish to breathe life into your marriage, first, look inward to see and acknowledge your own bitterness and resentments. Consciously, make the choice to work your way towards willingness to release the roots of these weeds. 


Show your appreciation.

Let your partner know you appreciate what he or she does, personality traits, (i.e.: his sense of humor, her generosity, his practicality, her hard work) and companionship. The more you praise what you like, the more you’ll get of it. We all want to be appreciated. Sowing seeds of celebration and appreciation, creates motivation.


Make time for intimacy.

Regard your face to face time as sacred (it is – this seed will bless your marriage.) Take time to listen to each other. Touch as often as possible Put your hand on your spouse’s leg while driving; give him or her a little squeeze now and then, hug and kiss each other. Create a cuddling space in front of the television, on the porch swing, in your bedroom, and use it.


Show Loving Kindness.

Water the soil of your relationship with kindness and loving behaviors aimed both at yourself and at your partner.

If the soil has been hardened over time, it will not respond by watering it, immediately. It takes time to penetrate the hard crust of dry soil. If the roots are deep, once the water penetrates the top soil, you must keep it coming, for it to reach down to the depths of the roots. Consistent kindness and loving behavior, over time, will work its magic.


While these three things aren’t all you need to do, to create a working, loving partnership; they’ll set the tone and create an atmosphere where your relationship can thrive. They are like the water, sun and fertilizer to a plant – the natural necessities of married life.


Sources:  Tom King; Tina Tessina

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  1. Tom Marrow

    Thank you. Exactly what I needed at this time.

  2. Christine Crawford

    I’m so happy that you found this helpful for you 🙂 Come back as I will follow up on this posting. Please update me, as to whether you have been able to implement any of these steps, in your life.

    With Love and Kindness.. Christine

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