Making sense of, the ever-changing landscape of health trends.


In this age, of constantly changing health trends, there is one thing desperately missing from our repertoires.  That terribly important skill is, listening to our bodies and connecting with our inner knowledge.  Our bodies are very intelligent.  The heart doesn’t miss a beat, the lungs continue to breathe, without reminders. There is a reason that our stomachs turn when we smell something toxic.  Our body is alerting us to “stay away”.  Nature is extremely efficient, and when we tune into it and listen to our bodies, well frankly, we experience miracles.

As health trends change, almost monthly, we need to begin to realize that there is no – one way- to eat or live. Each of us has a very unique set of needs.  When the natives looked for food, they used their senses to guide them.  Does it smell good? Does it taste good.  Of anything that I could give to my clients, the number one skill would be, listening to your own inner wisdom. If something doesn’t taste good to you, don’t eat it!  If whole grain bread bothers your stomach, don’t eat it, just because heath trends tout the many benefits of whole grains.

Concerning children’s health, I would like to see people think twice before telling their children to eat everything on their plate, especially if they have weight issues.  It is important to teach children about waste, and showing respect and appreciation for the abundance in our lives, but if your child doesn’t like something, there is a reason.  I encourage you to try new foods, routinely, and yes, ask your children to taste them.  If you are serving a food that your child did not like last month, ask them to try it again, as children’s taste buds are changing constantly, to properly nourish their bodies.

My wish for all of us, and our children, is that we get back to nature, a bit.  Trust our own instincts, as opposed to following every new diet trend on the market.  May you achieve health and nourishment from your food.  Happy Eating!

by Christine Crawford

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  1. Melissa Tom

    This approach makes so much sense. If we all followed our instincts, better, we wouldn’t have to spend money on books and classes, to achieve better health. Thank you.

  2. Cesse C

    hey friend, i liked your article so much i even bookmarked it here. cheers.

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