Intentions for the New Year and New Decade



I adore the beginning of a new year. It is full of so much excitement and potential. It is a great time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the coming one.

When setting our goals and intentions, we can rattle off a list of some things in our head, usually about our weight or being less stressed. This is one way to start the year off, or we can be deliberate about setting our intentions. Putting a little time and thought into the process yields far better results. Here is what I am doing. Take some time to get the benefit from these or your version of these steps.

First…. Sit down, by yourself or with loved ones, and imagine what you want to experience in the coming year. Our goals and intentions become more tangible when we can visualize the feelings we want to experience.

Do you want your year filled with More nature? More love? More acceptance? More time with friends? More peace? More adventure? How do you want to feel? Identifying this will allow you to visualize a scene. You may want to plan a trip overseas, have a dinner party, go to the park and read under a tree, plan a girls’ lunch at your favorite cafe or have a full day at the spa by yourself. Write these down.

Next….Let’s celebrate the past year, 2019. It is essential to appreciate the good in our lives. Gratitude for the present and past brings wellbeing to our future lives. Ask yourself these questions.

What were the highlights of 2019? List 3.

Have you grown as a person over the year? How?

What were some good decisions you made in 2019?

Next… let’s bring meaning to this next year and decade.
This is fun to do with friends and loved ones. Ask yourselves:

What is important to me in 2020?

What am I most excited about in 2020?

What are my beliefs and values?

What are my goals for health and well being?

What is my number one goal for my relationship with :

Loved ones?
Romantic partner?

What is my number one goal for my career?

What is the number one way I can bring more purpose to my life in 2020 and the new decade? Write down your answers.

Finally, I like to meditate on these answers and enjoy an Intention Setting Exercise.This is fun to do with other people or alone.

  1. Create a meaningful space that is quiet and has good energy. Somewhere that makes you feel peaceful and at ease. Spread a scarf or pretty piece of material on the floor. Sit symbols that are meaningful to you on the veil. They should symbolize the things that you want to bring into your life in the coming year and decade. You can use flowers, candles, photos or anything else that is special to you.

  2. Set wild evergreen or any greens from your yard around the area to bring a natural aroma. Light Candles if you have them. Turn on calming meditative music and close your eyes.

    Visualize yourself at the end of next year when all you have intended has come true. Feel the feelings of who you are becoming, in your body. Feel the energy of who you have become.

  3. Say out loud, “In 2020, I will be (insert your intentions), I am releasing (insert things that you want to let go of). Visualize your intentions floating up to the sky. Say “this for the greatest good, for me and all creatures. And so it is.”

    Blow out the candles.

I can feel the incredible energy of 2020, and I am ready to step into this beautiful existence. I can’t wait to share this amazing journey with you!

Leave your intentions for the coming year in the comments below! Happy New Year!! xo


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